Amazin Billiards Pool Hall
#40 Faulkner St. Malden, Mass 02148

Amazin Billiards plans to reopen on Monday, August 3. Hours will be from noon to midnight. Please take a look at our Pandemic Protection Guidelines for some rules when we reopen.

Welcome to Amazin Billiards!

About 3 Cushion Billiards

The 3-cushion game can be played on several sizes of tables, the most common being the match tables (inside length of 2.34 or 2.54 meters), depending on the country. Since the proportions remain the same, the game is not fundamentally modified. Of course, the bigger the table, the more accurate the player should be. We do not advise to play on too big a table because of the level of difficulty.

The balls must be clean and in good shape, otherwise one cannot achieve proper results. A set of balls should not be used more than (6) six months when used intensively, such as in a pool hall. Read More…